CheckSite's Site Report brings together information about the current status of a site including an up-to-date property map, title information and aerial photography.  The report will include:

General Location Map: Map will show land parcel boundaries, road names and parcel numbers (where map scale permits).

Land Titles: Current titles for properties at a site from Landata. 
Note: where more than two titles are associated with a site (such as a strata title), we will contact you to negotiate the supply of additional titles.

Basic Property Report: The report includes details of a property's address, legal description, Local Government Area, State Electorates, Wholesale Utility providers, a summary of planning zones and overlays and a map of the site.

Planning Property Report: The Victorian Planning Property Report includes detailed information about planning zones and overlays at the target site.

Recent Aerial Image: A recent (within 5 years) image of the site is provided.

Historical Land title search: A professional search of historical land titles is available upon request. Let us know if this search is required and we will provide a quote.

You can order a report right now or contact us to establish an ongoing account.


For more information please contact the CheckSite office and speak to Jeremy Alcorn,

on 9691-3022 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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